I have a table with date format YYYY-MM-DD and fields are:

user | assign_date | removal_date   A |  2020-01-01 | null   B |  2020-01-01 | 2020-01-05 C |  2020-01-10 | null  

2020欧洲杯手机版注册How using Laravel Query Builder or simple SQL query I can get users to compare assign_date and removal date with selected_date?The example of the needed results.

selected date | users  2020-01-03 | A,B (user C has not recruited yet)2020-01-06 | A  (user C has not recruited yet and user B has already been fired)2020-01-11 | A,C  (user C has already recruited, but user B has already been fired)
  • I think you can use eloquent and query builder – TsaiKoga 2 days ago

2020欧洲杯手机版注册It seems you have nullable date type field.

So you can filter like this:

For Eloquent:

Model::where('assinged_date', '<=', $selected_date)       ->where(function($q) use ($selected_date) {            $q->whereNull('removal_date')              ->orWhere('removal_date', '>=', $selected_date);         })

For QueryBuilder:

DB::table('table_name')->where('assinged_date', '<=', $selected_date)                     ->where(function($q) use ($selected_date) {                          $q->whereNull('removal_date')                            ->orWhere('removal_date', '>=', $selected_date);                       })
  • I try check it in tinker like this: $date = new Carbon\Carbon('2019-12-26'), RefCommittee::where('assignment_date', '<=', $date)->where(function($q) use ($date) { $q->whereNull('removal_date')->orWhere('removal_date', '>=', $date);}) and it returned Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder {#3158} with empty – Maxim Stogniy 2 days ago
  • please put a default date value for removal_date to avoid error with your query. – Qonvex620 2 days ago
  • What is a default value should be for a removal_date ? For example? After all, an user can be hired and never fired – Maxim Stogniy 2 days ago
  • @MaximStogniy can u post your record that you think that it need to be displayed. – TsaiKoga 2 days ago
  • @MaximStogniy It seems you are using column date type to compare with carbon's timestamp, try to use $date = (new Carbon\Carbon('2019-12-26'))->format('Y-m-d') – TsaiKoga 2 days ago

2020欧洲杯手机版注册You can use this one

Model::where('assinged_date', '<=', $selected_date)   ->orWhere('removal_date', '>=', $selected_date);   ->get();

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