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Phillips Exeter Academy
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20 Main Street
Exeter, New Hampshire, USA

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Avon Old Farms School

500 Old Farms Road
Avon, Connecticut, USA Show Phone Number   

2020欧洲杯手机版注册Avon seeks to create a structured and supportive environment advantageous to the intellectual and physical growth as well as the social and moral development of young men....

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Bement School

Main Street
Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

Welcome! This website gives you many glimpses of important parts of Bement. As you explore the site, you’ll be introduced to features uniquely Bement: a challenging, varied curriculum; a mini-term that offers a school-wide study of a particular theme each year; a renowned fine arts program; multiple athletic options; what it means to be a boarder at Bement. You’ll gain a sense of the beauty found in one of our country’s oldest settled communities. You’ll likely come to understand things like Winter Wednesdays, ninth grader leadership, service learning in the Dominican Republic, and our French exchange program. What’s most important...

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Berkshire School

245 North Undermountain Road
Sheffield, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

2020欧洲杯手机版注册All independent college preparatory schools should offer an outstanding core experience: a first-rate academic program, distinctive opportunities in the arts, and excellent athletics. Berkshire is no exception; it provides an exceptional college preparatory curriculum with advanced courses and AP offerings in all disciplines. It is what happens at the periphery of this exceptional core that sets a school apart. Berkshire’s motto Pro Vita Non Pro Schola Discimus, “Learning not just for school but for life,” is as well suited to guide a learning institution in the 21st century as it was over 100 years ago when Berkshire was founded by...

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Brewster Academy

80 Academy Drive
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, USA Show Phone Number   

Observe a class in progress when you visit Brewster. You’ll discover small, interactive groups of 10-14 highly engaged students (most likely broken up into even smaller teams of two to four) analyzing local watershed data, researching Napoleon's life on the web, or analyzing plot themes in The Old Man and the Sea. And each task is accomplished by using technology in thoughtful and meaningful ways. You’ll meet teachers who know much more about their students than their names—like the pace of learning each student is comfortable with, the subjects they are passionate about, their overall workloads, and their personal interests...

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Bridgton Academy

P.O. Box 292
North Bridgton, Maine, USA Show Phone Number   

2020欧洲杯手机版注册Bridgton Academy's mission is to provide a program for young men in a unique, one-year postgraduate environment to prepare for the rigors of college and beyond. Bridgton Academy consists of an adult community committed to developing the whole student by providing a dynamic and challenging skills-based curriculum, a diverse campus life, and an appropriate extracurricular program to promote mental, social, and physical growth. The Bridgton Academy graduate should have grown through the postgraduate experience so that he enters college with improved confidence, values, judgment, life skills, and maturity to succeed....

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Brooks School

1160 Great Pond Road
North Andover, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

This question was asked of me in the first moments of my first interview to become Brooks School’s fourth head of school, and the truth is that the core of my reply has remained true and constant for all of my years here-relationships. I have enjoyed more rich, full and lasting relationships with students through my life at Brooks than any one educator deserves in any number of lifetimes. The root of our success is our school's enormous capacity and will to reach our students in meaningful, lasting ways. Indeed, to earn our way to being the kind of experience...

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Buxton School

291 South Street
Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

Buxton School was founded as—and remains—a school in the progressive tradition. The school acknowledges and embraces the fact that young people are always learning, and that they learn most effectively and immediately from lived experience. Therefore, our students are challenged to contribute to lively class discussion, they’re encouraged to immerse themselves in creative pursuits, and they are expected to live a fully conscious, responsible life in the context of a receptive and responsive community. Life lessons about the power of one’s contribution, the effect of one’s actions, and the depth of one’s commitment are a natural and inevitable outcome of...

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Canterbury School

101 Aspetuck Avenue
New Milford, Connecticut, USA Show Phone Number   

Welcome to Canterbury School. In the following pages, I trust that you will acquire a strong sense of our school’s unique mission. Through words and images, you will glimpse our community in action, our friendly, welcoming campus, and our outstanding facilities. You will discover that our purpose is rooted in our Catholic identity and that we offer a challenging academic program in a nurturing environment. These pages provide an overview of the many exciting opportunities that Canterbury offers in the arts, athletics, and other co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Perhaps most important, you will feel the warm family atmosphere that springs...

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Cardigan Mountain School

62 Alumni Drive
Canaan, New Hampshire, USA Show Phone Number   

2020欧洲杯手机版注册For more than 60 years, Cardigan has specialized in the education of boys during their adolescent years, a time when they are forming opinions, attitudes, and habits that will serve as the foundation of their growth. The adults in our community play a variety of roles every day and deliver an education that we believe best meets the cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our students. As a former Cardigan student, I believe wholeheartedly in our mission; I know the benefits of a Cardigan education--life lessons that have served me well. I also know that for our efforts to...

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Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School

785 Beaver Street
Waltham, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

2020欧洲杯手机版注册Greetings, and welcome to Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School. At CH-CH, students with a wide range of interests, talents and academic backgrounds discover their potential, realize their excellence and achieve greater success. With small classes and a faculty to student ratio of 1 to 5, we are able to identify the specific strengths of each student, and build upon them. At Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall, we focus on how students learn. We see every student as a unique individual. We have developed a “multiple intelligences” approach to teaching and learning which is based on the fact that students learn in a variety...

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Cheshire Academy

10 Main Street
Cheshire, Connecticut, USA Show Phone Number   

2020欧洲杯手机版注册Mr. Douglas G. Rogers joined Cheshire Academy as our head of school on July 1, 2009. For the past three decades, Doug, Cowles Professor in the Humanities, served as a teacher and administrator at Phillips Exeter Academy. A career that spans more than thirty years touches upon every aspect of independent school life. Doug has taught thousands of English classes, graded mountainous stacks of essays, directed four main stage shows, served as a dorm head, and coached basketball and tennis. In 1989, as an NEH Teacher-Scholar, he studied American Literature: Works by Women, Blacks, and Native Americans. That year of...

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Choate Rosemary Hall

333 Christian Street
Wallingford, Connecticut, USA Show Phone Number   

2020欧洲杯手机版注册The more than 16,000 graduates can attest to the quality of Choate's academic program, but that is only one aspect of the education a student receives. Through interactions with members of the entire Choate community, students mature into young adults who not only have stretched their minds, but have grown personally, spiritually, artistically, and athletically....

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Concord Academy

166 Main Street
Concord, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

We invite you to learn more about us by exploring our Web site. Concord Academy has always been defined by its academic strength, diversity of opinion, respect for the individual, celebration of creativity, and joy in learning. We think you will discover these traits for yourself as you look into our programs and meet some CA people....

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Cushing Academy

P.O. Box 8000
Ashburnham, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

Cushing Academy, founded as a coeducational boarding school in 1865, exists for students, their academic growth and their personal development. We are dedicated to educating the mind, shaping the character, and nurturing the creativity of young men and women. In a community that is academically and culturally diverse, we challenge each individual, support excellence in every aspect of the learning process, and promote active participation in all areas of life and learning. We offer a demanding college preparatory curriculum, teach skills that build confidence, and instill values that endure....

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Dana Hall School

45 Dana Road
Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

2020欧洲杯手机版注册Dana Hall School is committed to fostering excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics within a vibrant, caring community. With emphasis on integrity, leadership, diversity, and service as well as on respect for self and others, Dana Hall provides its students with a unique opportunity to prepare themselves for the challenges and choices they will face as women and citizens of the world. Diversity at Dana Hall Dana Hall School believes that diversity and multiculturalism are key elements in fostering excellence in every aspect of our community. We are committed to building an inclusive community that respects and affirms each...

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Deerfield Academy

Main Street
Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

2020欧洲杯手机版注册Students at Deerfield work hard in the classroom. They pursue a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, one that challenges and, at the same time, develops creativity and intellectual maturity. Teachers are there to provide both structure and a caring atmosphere for learning. Classes at the Academy are small—twelve students is the average size—and are defined by the participation of every student. The goal of the Academy is not just academic excellence in the topic at hand, but the development of the intellectual capacity and desire to educate oneself in all topics. There is exhilaration in the learning process, an excitement which...

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Dublin School

P.O. Box 522
Dublin, New Hampshire, USA Show Phone Number   

Welcome to Dublin School. We hope that the pictures, stories, and articles on this site give you a front porch view of our unique little school. When you walk across our quad, take in the views of the Monadnock Region, and, most importantly, meet the people who come here to learn from one another; you will find that no place symbolizes the vision and dream of our founder, Paul Lehmann, more than the little red schoolhouse in the middle of the campus. Built intentionally on an east facing hill in bucolic southern New Hampshire, far above the distractions of the...

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Eagle Hill School

P.O. Box 116
Hardwick, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

Over the last forty years Eagle Hill School has steadfastly challenged and redefined the conventional wisdom regarding the education of students with learning (dis)abilities. Today, the genius of the Eagle Hill philosophy remains its simplicity. As you have probably inferred from my use of parentheses around the prefix “dis,” our philosophy is grounded in the belief that our students are not disabled at all. To understand the difficulties that they have faced in other academic settings requires a careful look at the unfortunate and limiting ways in which most schools view their students. At Eagle Hill School, we understand that...

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Eaglebrook School

Pine Nook Road
Deerfield, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

We invite you to explore this website and learn about Eaglebrook School. Eaglebrook educates boarding and day boys in grades six through nine. Our vision is to help each student develop his unique gifts. Our mission is to meet children where they are in their development and to encourage them to build deserved self-confidence through success. We encourage you to come and visit our campus....

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Fay School

48 Main Street
Southborough, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

Welcome to the Fay School. I hope that this virtual encounter will lead to a personal visit to our beautiful - and growing - campus in Southborough, Massachusetts. While this site provides a great deal of information about Fay, it cannot begin to capture the full depth and breadth of our school and community. We are a school with a 143-year mission rooted in core values and the education of the whole child. Our graduates have gone on to great success in all areas of business, science, and the arts - and in all parts of the world. We are...

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Fryeburg Academy

745 Main Street
Fryeburg, Maine, USA Show Phone Number   

Although much has changed since John Hancock signed Fryeburg Academy's charter in 1792 and Daniel Webster served as Headmaster in the early 19th century, the Academy remains a unique American institution - a boarding school unlike any other in the nation. Today's Academy is an effective blend of our distinguished past and our commitment to prepare young men and women for the challenges of the 21st century. At Fryeburg Academy, this preparation begins with expert and supportive teachers who are devoted to the total development of our students and to their own professional growth. Students have easy access to the...

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Gould Academy

P.O. Box 860
Bethel, Maine, USA Show Phone Number   

Gould is a co-educational college preparatory high school serving 240 boarding and day students. Located on the eastern edge of the White Mountains, Gould teaches the traditional values that one would expect to find in a rural Northern New England village like Bethel, Maine. At the same time, Gould connects its students with the whole world beyond Bethel through cutting edge technology, a diverse student body from around the world, and programs that take many of our students to distant points on the globe. At Gould, we begin with the individual student. Our tight-knit community is the perfect place for...

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Governor Dummer Academy

1 Elm Street
Byfield, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

2020欧洲杯手机版注册Welcome to the oldest boarding school in America, The Governor's Academy! Founded in 1763, our school educates students in grades nine through twelve on our beautiful 500-acre campus in Byfield, MA, just 33 miles north of Boston and four miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Established as Dumm'r Charity School in 1763 through a bequest from Massachusetts Bay Lieutenant Governor William Dummer, what was later called Dummer Academy and then Governor Dummer Academy provided the foundation for the preparatory school tradition in America. As the country's first independent boarding school, the Academy filled a pressing need for enhanced educational opportunities during...

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Groton School

Box 991
Groton, Massachusetts, USA Show Phone Number   

2020欧洲杯手机版注册Founded in 1884 by Rev. Endicott Peabody, Groton's original aims included the intellectual, moral and physical development of its students in grades seven through twelve towards preparation for both college and "the active work of life." Now a coeducational, primarily residential school of 181 girls and 172 boys in grades eight through twelve, we set for our students the highest standards of academic achievement, intellectual growth, ethical awareness and behavior, sportsmanship, athletic endeavor and service to others. The School takes leadership seriously, and our concern for character is a point of distinction. Our mission has never been narrowly to prepare...

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