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Texas Junior Boarding Schools

City School

1700 Woodland Ave
Austin, Texas, USA   

City School exists to teach and train the next generation of servant leaders for God's Kingdom. A City School education begins in the Heart, where teachers join with parents to point children to Christ as the source of all that they are and do. Academically, children are prepared to be ready to serve well, whatever their calling. Relationally, students are trained to live out their lives in pursuit of service, not self. At the heart, the goal of a City School education is to equip children to be prepared for the future, by experiencing life in the Kingdom today. This...

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Comprehensive Neurobehavioral Services

Texas, USA Show Phone Number   

Neuropsychiatry Services for Children and Adolescents...

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Marianapolis Preparatory School

P.O. Box 304
Thompson, Connecticut, USA Show Phone Number   

At Marianapolis, students from the United States and many countries come together to develop the confidence and skills required for spiritual, intellectual, athletic, and artistic success. Strong, meaningful relationships are at the heart of the Marianapolis experience, and here students have limitless opportunities to grow. Our small size allows students and faculty to develop close, enduring relationships. We believe students find inspiration when they interact with their teachers both inside and outside the classroom and that such inspiration encourages students to fulfill their potential. Marianapolis is an outstanding community of students, teachers, parents, and alumni who work together to foster...

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Marine Military Academy

320 Iwo Jima Blvd
Harlingen, Texas, USA Show Phone Number   

The school encourages self-reliance and self-discipline over self-indulgence and self-imposed limitations....

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The Gunnery

99 Green Hill Road
Washington, Connecticut, USA Show Phone Number   

2020欧洲杯手机版注册The Gunnery, now in its 160th year, is not only one of the finest college preparatory schools in the country but also one of the best examples of educational staying power in the secondary school world. Although I welcome the significant accomplishment and growth of the last 19 years, I cherish the firm identity to which they adhere and remain immensely proud of my association with such a noble and long standing institution. The Gunnery is an educational community that prizes intellectual adventure, shared curiosity and the lively interplay of ideas. The faculty and I have developed a demanding curriculum...

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The Hockaday School

11600 Welch Road
Dallas, Texas, USA Show Phone Number   

The academic year is off to a smooth and cheerful start. We are two months into the year, and the campus and students are buzzing with activity. Seniors held their annual retreat at Sky Ranch, and the 9th grade returned from Mo Ranch energized for Upper School. The 8th grade musical, Bye Bye Birdie, is in rehearsals; the Lower School is rocking the Rotunda regularly. And, of utmost importance to our Form IV girls, the choice of the graduation dress is underway. Hockaday girls are, as always, a testament to why we do what we do. They are well-rounded, thoughtful...

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